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Friends of the Cross Trust desires to be Brighter than Sun through service to humanity and ‘Higher than Heavens’ by bringing smile on the simple people. Our Organization is uniter to come together in order to fight against Poverty and inequality. It mainly works for Child’s health, Academic, Psychological and Social development, women upliftment, Yought guidance, Care to old aged, orphans and Semi-Orphans. Promoting and involving in rural developmental activities and HIV/ADIS, Child Labourers, Bonded Labourers, Marginalized and under privileged etc..


Friends of the Cross Trust having its head office in Arni, Thiruvannamalai districts, has also a branch office in Kanathur, Kancheepuram district. Currently, We are rendering Free tuitions, Counselling, encouraging dropoutchildren and party supporting in continuing the education especially of the orphan and Semi-Orphans. The organization has also adopted 15 Children in supporting academically and gives health security. We have many more good will to be accomplished in the coming days. But with the meaningful support of many donors.


Donors are welcome to be part of our service. We assure you of our sincerity and Transparency in all that we do here.


Our Future Plan

Since we are ‘Starting afresh’ with new ideas and activities with creative methods, we definitely need the supporting hands of many to take up this social service smoothly. At first through the support oif many donors, we plan to establish an office, extend the number of children Tuition Centres (CTC) in rural villages and to be ready to work for the people according to the ‘signs of the time’.
For further details kindly refer the contact details.
Come let us make an ultruistic fellowship, fraternity and Solidarity in the society to make this world a place for humans in and through our Friends of the Cross Trust (FCT)
Yours fraternally,
Francis Soundararajan





Friends of the Cross Trust (FCT)

845/4-1 New Colony,

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Arni Taluk,

Thiruvannamalai District,


India - 632 314




Friends of the Cross Trust (FCT)





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Emai : friendsofthecrosstrust@gmail.com


Web : www.friendsofthecrosstrust.in


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